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This week's anonymous sex confession:

Foot Fetish Extraordinaire!

March 11, 2014

I have the worst foot fetish you can imagine, specifically feet with red toes in strappy five inch heeled sandals. My favorite colors are red, gold, and silver, and now I'm into purple. I have had two exs who had very nice feet and indulged my fetish by keeping their toes red and wearing strappy sandals for me but they cannot compare with my wife.


I have stared at thousands of feet on the internet and in videos and my wife has some of the nicest feet I've ever seen, they're near perfect. We have at last count 112 pairs of strappy sandals, almost all of them in the aforementioned colors. We have some black, bronze, fuscia, and other colors, but mostly the big three - red, gold, and silver. There is nothing like the site of sexy feet with red toes in those color sandals.


A huge part of our sex life is me masturbating at her feet. She went to grad school for three years was almost always too tired and stressed out for sex so for 5-6 nights a week I would lick and suck her feet (and stare at them of course) in the sandals while I masturbated. She's out of school but this is still a huge part of our sex life. When I'm really lucky she masturbates with me, which for me is not often enough, she doesn't have the same out if control sex drive as me. But I masturbate at her feet on a regular basis and I can't imagine life without it. I am the luckiest man alive!

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