Catholic high school fantasy ... comes true

December 05, 2013

A senior in high school, I only had one thing on my list to conquer. I wanted to have sex in my catholic high school. One day a guy that I was seeing got me out of class and we ventured up to the third floor of the school. It wasn't long until he slipped his hand under my uniform skirt and was tugging on my panties. I knew at any moment a teacher could come around the corner but that's what made it so erotic. I let him tug my panties down with his teeth and I unbuckled his pants. I went down on him until I was so wet I couldn't stand it. I wanted him in me. So like any naughty school girl would do I bent over and let him fill me. We both knew it had to be a quickie or we risked getting caught. My god what I would do to go back to that day. It was so erotic and the risk factor had our adrenaline going!