From husband to slave

December 13, 2013

I desperately want my wife to lock me in a chastity device that I have bought and keep me as her 24/7 total slave.


I really want her to put me in it when I get home from work tomorrow and keep me in it all through my vacation, until the end of the year. We have a strap on that I can wear and a dildo bigger than my penis. I want to wear it when ever she wants to feel a cock and fuck her with it. I don't want her to take my cock out of its cage for several weeks at a minimum. I want to eat her pussy every time she starts to get horny. I want to kiss and lick her body including her pussy and ass as she brings herself to an orgasm.  I want to be responsible for all the house hold chores and obeying her commands.


I want her to take all the money away from me and all the cards unless she is sending me to get something. I want her to pick my clothes and ensure I am wearing something embarrassing or uncomfortable any time she can. I really want her to put me in woman's thongs that will ride up my ass. I want her to punish me daily no matter how good of a job I do. I should get 20 licks from what ever she chooses be it her hand, a paddle, my belt, a crop, a spoon, or anything else that suits her. If I am good then she should be gentle if I am not then I want to be bruised when she is done.


At least once every day or two I want her to sit on my face and make me lick her pussy. I want her to be my owner and treat me like her property. If we eat out she should order, and then say my slave will have x-y-z or my bitch will just have water. I want her to take the key for the chastity device and mail it to her best friend in another state so I can't get out of it even if I try to convince her to release me. Her friend doesn't need to know what the key is for just that she should put it someplace safe until my owner wants it again. The mail takes 3 to 5 days to get anything so that extra week will be added waiting for the mail.


I will never tell my wife but I would love for her to turn me into her sissy slave and even use the strap on on me. I have no interest in men but I do want to be her slutty little bitch.