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Like a naughty school teacher ...

October 18, 2013

For years I'd been working in an Adult Retail store, selling to people the lotions,tools and toys to make their sex lives more enhanced. After a while the novelty of working around sex toys rubs off and just becomes the job. My partner would sometimes come to visit me at work to bring my dinner or a coffee. But one night it was really cold and snowy outside that the store was really quiet, so I let him stay longer to visit together. We walked around talking about toys and what kinda new toys we'd like to try out at home that could enhance our pleasure. He always gets really hard and excited when I talk about the products- he says I'm like his naughty school teacher. And on this night I was playing the role too well, we were both getting so hot from the conversation we started to make out right there in the store! Now morally, I was feeling really bad that I was doing this in my work place but he kept touching my wet kitty, kissing my neck and egging me on that he just had to have me right there and then. I gave in...took him to the private office bathroom, pulled up my skirt and plunked my butt on the sink. Opening his pants I found the hardest cock I've ever seen! I licked and sucked that penis while tickling my own kitty. It got so intense he pushed me back and thrust that cock in so hard and fast we both exploded our juices very quickly. Thankfully no customers came in during our rendezvous because it was so delicious. That the smile lingered on my face for hours! I've never told anyone this before and feel so great finally having the chance to share it!