About Us

“I create happiness.

And your happiness is my pleasure.”

– Dr. Sadie

Welcome to Dr. Sadie’s Tickle Kitty boutique, the comfortable sextoy paradise founded in 2001.

Dr. Sadie understands the Big Uneasy about purchasing sextoys.

 “You should desire a long hot shower after enjoying a sextoy,” she observes. “Not while you’re shopping for one!”

As CEO of Tickle Kitty, she’s successfully washed the stigma out of the erotic shopping experience. “I’ve created a discreet boutique where you feel comfortable, connected, respected, even a little excited,” she says.

“Your pleasure is our business,” smiles the petite woman known as America’s Pleasure Coach. “And your purchase is the beginning of your pleasure!”

Confidentiality is key. Delivery is swift.

“We go above and beyond most erotic web stores,” notes Dr. Sadie. “We post our privacy policy clearly. I guard our customer list with my life. Each web transaction is completely encrypted. We ship in plain, no-clue boxes. And we stand behind every sex toy we sell.” 

Why the most sensual people shop here.

“Each customer feels a sense of comfort here,” notes Dr. Sadie. “We’re proud we’re not a superstore. The boutique ambience feels right, and allows us to treat each client with the personalized attention they expect. And that’s why my customers keep coming back.” 

Maree from Seattle emailed: “I’m shy about buying toys, but not shy about enjoying them. I’m comfortable shopping in this boutique, because I love reading Dr. Sadie’s descriptions, and then trying out the toys for myself.”

Roger from Bakersfield emailed: “I fell in love with Dr. Sadie on the radio. The toys she and the DJ played with made me laugh. She helps me with my lovelife!”

Sylvie from Tampa wrote: “At the 6 year mark of my marriage, our lovelife has gotten stale. When I tried a toy from Tickle Kitty, it added so much fun to the bedroom that it re-sparked the excitement for us. Then another. Now we both Thank you TK!”

Why I hope you’ll shop here.

By Dr. Sadie, Founder and CEO, TickleKitty.com

Welcome! You may be eyeing a very special plaything here right now, so please come inside for a peek behind-the-scenes, and see why the toy store matters as much as the toy.

Good taste matters. You won’t find pornographic images on my site or in any of my books. Tickle Kitty is a woman-owned business and dedicated to caressing your comfort level, so your good feelings lead you to sensual lovemaking.

Good products matter. My top-secret Toy Testers grade each item on a pleasure scale as well as a reliability scale, and guess what? We reject a lot more toys than we accept. What you will see in my boutique has been scored Tickle Kitty-worthy, which means 100 percent worthy for your pleasure, too. (Thank you to all my happy happy HAPPY Toy Testers!)

Good customer service matters. Your happiness isn’t just for the bedroom. Happiness starts at this moment – the moment you take a leap of faith with us. Your click here is more than a purchase. It’s a vote of confidence in our ability to deliver the excitement you desire – smoothly, easily, at a fair price – and with swift assistance if you need anything at all.

Good karma matters. You may be seeking your very first sextoy (congratulations!). You may be adding to your collection. You may be perking up a lagging sex life, or introducing a new lover to a new thrill. And I’m here to help you find what tickles your fancy – as well as your fantasy. As I said, your happiness is my pleasure.

Meet Dr. Sadie, America’s Pleasure Coach

Dr. Sadie Allison is more than a CEO. She’s a bestselling author. Boutique owner. Media personality. Master marketer. Award-winning publisher. And today’s go-to authority for answers about human sexuality and relationships.

She’s also gifted with the ability to speak about these sensitive topics with empathy, accuracy and humor—allowing individuals and couples to feel at ease as they learn about their own sexual pleasure.

As America's Pleasure Coach she brings greater pleasure to all who seek it. Secrets of touch. Secrets of technique. But most of all, secrets of the mind that unlock the pleasures of the body.

Her friendly, telegenic persona lands her frequent guest spots on TV and radio, including E! Entertainment Television, Dr. Drew’s Loveline and the Bob & Tom Show. She is a sought-after speaker, delivered a prestigious TEDx talk, and is often quoted in national magazines, such as Cosmopolitan, SELF and Men’s Health.

She holds a Doctorate in Human Sexuality and is a member of the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors (AASECT). As founder and CEO of Tickle Kitty, Inc., her signature sex-help books, sensual pleasure kits and glides enable her to help people find even greater sexual fulfillment in their lives.

From private advice-giver to leading sex authority

As a typical American high school girl-next-door, she always felt comfortable with her body and her newfound sexuality. Yet she was constantly puzzled by how her closest girlfriends kept confiding about how they were frustrated, confused and "let down" by sex.

She then shared about all the intimate things that make lovemaking so pleasurable: how the mind is the biggest sex organ, how to ask for what you really want, and how to explore the magic of touch for your own pleasure as well as your partner's.

In a word, knowledge.

Spreading knowledge of pleasure

After earning her B.A. in French from San Diego State University, she moved on to a fast-paced sales career in high-tech Silicon Valley, yet she never stopped thinking about the need for quality advice and information about sex.

Being a passionate entrepreneur at heart, she decided to redirect her career to publish sex-help books in 2001. Dr. Sadie now has six award-winning bestsellers, her signature female body-safe glide Slippery Kitty and a web-based boutique filled with scores of upscale sextoys and pleasure kits. In addition, her speaking engagements and TV appearances have helped thousands of newcomers and seasoned lovers find true sexual fulfillment they'd never dreamed of.