Le Wand Premium Massager

If Apple ever re-designed the traditional vibrating wand, how would it look? How would it play? And mostly, how would it please?

It’d surely look sleek and inviting, like this. It’d certainly satisfy like it was created just for you. And it’d excite you so fully, you’d likely forget every toy that ever came before.

Introducing Le Wand Premium Massager, the inspired, advanced, re-imagined plaything that’s a true joy to come home to. Subtle when you want it to be. Powerful when you need it to be. And designed to be yourand your orgasms’best new friend.

Touch the silky smooth, luxurious head where you love your vibrations the most. Slowly raise thehummmm in tune with your advancing arousal. Play among 20 unique pleasure patterns till you find The One that sings your name. Feel your body (or your lover’s!) race toward toe-curling, sheet-grabbing, heart-pounding orgasm, as Le Wand's flexible head rides your pleasure motions in perfect harmony.

Satisfaction this deep goes far beyond what a computer company could ever create. But it’s exactly what you’ve been hoping for, from an innovative female designer who has a virtuoso’s touch for pleasure and passion and life’s MOST satisfying orgasms.

You must feel this yourself.

[Pssst… When you’re too weary for the erotic, press Le Wand’s rumbliest vibrations deep into your sore shoulders, and feel the day’s stress melt away. Who’s suddenly in the mood now?]

  • Choose from subtle hummmm all the way to ultra-powerfulbuzzzzz
  • Fuller-coverage head sends your vibration pleasures wide
  • Easy-to-hold shaft allows flexible head to ride with you
  • Includes luxury travel case + spiral texture head cover + recharger
  • 10 click-through speeds x 20 pleasure patterns = 200 sensual combinations
  • Wireless design gives you 3 hours of pleasure before recharging
  • Made of silky seamless body-safe silicone and ABS plastic
  • 13.4” long by 2.5” across la wand lawand