Cupid's Coming Valentine Kit + FREE Shipping!

Cupid's Coming Valentine Kit—6 Sexy Playtoys + 2 Bonus Gifts + FREE Shipping!

Save $50 on Dr. Sadie’s Valentine’s Day kit designed for your pleasure—all year long!

Tease your lover. Touch their heart. Tickle their fancy. Turn this Valentine’s Day into the one you’ll smile about forever.

Gift #1: Pure Passion Self-Thrusting G Rabbit. Will you be able to even catch your breath once this amazing rabbit thrusts and rotates and teases and vibrates and pulses and escalates your pleasure—all with you in complete control of buzz, pace and tempo? Hop on it!

Gift #2: Womanizer Air-Pleasure. Clitoris, meet Pleasure Air Technology, for powerful orgasms in under one minute—from starting rush to finishing glory. Just dial-in one of six intensity levels, nestle the toy’s tiny puckering lips where you love it, and feel excitement zoom from zero to 60—in 60 seconds!

Gift #3: Ghost PenisPlay Stroker. The same ‘ol handplay is so last year! Bring him up-to-speed with this tight, tantalizing, textured stretchy silicone stroker. Then turn it inside-out for a entirely different texture sensation. Now, that isn’t so hard… or is it! (To open, peel off the label)

Gift #4: Rumbler C-Ring. He may wear it, but you’ll both get off on it. And unlike other C-rings, this one comes with an ultra-low ’n slow setting to tease even the most sensitive clitoris over the edge. Or raise the vibe and send the soft silicone ticklers on a hot mission of come-together pleasure.

Gift #5: Slippery Kitty Lube. the long-lasting, pleasure-awakening, glide-enhancing, water-based lubricant that couples rave about. Pairs perfectly with all your new toys! 2 oz bottle.

Gift #6: The 4 Sex Dice Game. Lock the door. Lose a few clothes. Roll these dice. See what sexy acts Lady Luck suggests you to try. How many rounds of exploratory pleasure you can last?


BONUS #1. Dr. Sadie’s own “Tickle His Pickle—Your Hands-On Guide To Penis Pleasing” is the bestselling guide that should come with every guy. This tastefully illustrated book is what his penis would whisper to you—if it could talk! Read it, try it, enjoy it. Become his penis genius.

BONUS #2. GoLove Hemp-Infused Serum is Dr. Sadie’s specially formulated water-based, moisturizing Hemp slip-‘n-slide that heightens pleasure and passion while helping reduce discomfort and anxiety. Made with quality ingredients and ready to apply to your most sensitive skin to soothe and rev your passions at the same time.

Only $199.95 ($250 value) with your 2 BONUS gifts and FREE Priority Shipping. Don’t wait and show up empty–handed! Order right away for Valentine’s Day!

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