VOY—The Premium Stroker That Fits YOUR Penis

How do we know it fits YOUR penis?

Because you set it to the snugness your penis likes—8 different settings for your just-right tight. A perfect blend of stroking satisfaction and come-squeezing comfort.

Simply turn the tightness ring—your penis will tell you when you’ve found the perfect grip. Now add a few drops of water-based lube, and let nature take over. It’s not a vibrator, but the CleanTech silicone gliding up and down your shaft is so smooth, soft and flexible, you create your own masterful sensations.

Engineered and packaged like a premium accessory from that famous computer brand, VOY performs every bit as well as anything you’d expect from them. Except this one ends in intense orgasmic pleasure. Yours. 

  • Tightness Adjustment System—8 steps to find the right fit for you
  • CleanTech Silicone—smooth, hygienic and durable
  • Slender Design—fits right in the palm of your hand for the perfect grip
  • Protector Lids—for discreet, stylish storage with ventilation channels for quick drying
  • Ease of Travel—easily mistaken for a camera lens or Bluetooth speaker
  • Water-Resistant—take it in the shower or the pool
  • Two-year warranty—just try and wear it out!
  • Easy to clean