Dr. Sadie in Cosmo's "Why Lazy Sex Might Just Be the Best Kind of Sex"

October 31, 2013

With positions like "The Couch Potato," being tired is no longer an excuse for not doing it.


The general consensus on sex is that it is fun and good. A lot of the time, though, you want fun and good, but end up feeling fat and tired at the end of a long day. For times like these, lazy sex is a wonderful option, and a legitimate one.


Dr. Sadie Allison, founder of TickleKitty.com and best-selling author of Ride ‘Em Cowgirl! Sex Positions for Better Bucking, explains that there are a lot of reasons for wanting lazy sex as opposed to the sexy(ish) thrashing around you see in the movies and compare your own sex life to. “Being tired, not having enough time to get into it and wanting to do something quick, and being shy can all be reasons for wanting lazy sex.”


The first step is deciding whether or not you’re actually feeling it. When you’re exhausted and hate the world, it might be a good idea to go to bed. But if you're only feeling a little grumpy, sex might just be the best way to feel better.


“If you really don’t want to do it, but want to take care of each other, you have to bite the bullet sometimes,” says Dr. Sadie. Things she recommends when you’re feeling meh about sex: “Watching adult videos and touching each other is always a great idea. I’m also always a big fan of foreplay and dry humping! Cuddling, making out, just old-fashioned foreplay like we did in high school can be the best thing sometimes. Take it back to the beginning and do everything else.”


If you’re going to be lazy, though, remember: “We don’t have to cum every time!” (Sorry, guys.)


But let’s say you do want to cum every time but you don’t feel like putting any effort into it: “Spooning is the easiest and most common sex position. You can wake up in the morning, lay on your side and do nothing!” You can even snooze through it if you really need to (though hopefully it will wake you up). “All you have to do is lift your knee a little bit so that it’s easy for your man to reach around and touch your clit. There’s no bumping and grinding, no weight pressure involved. This is great for right after a big meal,” Dr. Sadie explains.


Another position she encourages is called “The Couch Potato” (YES). The couch can be a great vehicle for easy and comfortable sex, and is especially great you’ve already been there all day and don’t really feel like moving. Have your guy sit on the couch and straddle him, going with an easy rocking motion. “What I love about this is that you’re face-to-face so you can get intimate and there is a lot of body contact without laying on top of each other,” Dr. Sadie says.


Other perfect lazy sex positions include cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, doggy style with pillows underneath you for support, and positioning yourself on the edge of the bed with your legs in the air, so that you can essentially just sit back and enjoy it. Toys and masturbation are also great for “extra pleasure and a [quicker] orgasm. These things add some magnitude to your lazy sexing and get you there faster.”


A wonderful thing that exists is the Head Honcho, which will pretty much do it for your guy in a matter of seconds.


You now have no excuse not to use sex to unwind after a hard day.


Source: http://www.cosmopolitan.com/sex-love/advice/lazy-sex