Bedroom Kandi Parties Adds “Tickle My Tush” Book to Line

November 20, 2013

Bedroom Kandi Parties, a fast-growing home party company, recently selected Dr. Sadie Allison's book Tickle My Tush to sell in addition to sex toys.


As the only outside vendor in the Bedroom Kandi Boutiques catalog, Tickle Kitty is honored that they've added yet another of our award winning titles, said Dr. Sadie, CEO of Tickle Kitty.  Now, in addition to Ride ‘Em Cowgirl, Tickle Your Fancy and Tickle His Pickle, Bedroom Kandi has included our newest guidebook, Tickle My Tush-Mild-to-Wild Analplay Adventures for Everybooty.  Tickle My Tush is a fun guidebook that fully illustrates how customers can draw all the pleasure out of toys from the likes of Bedroom Kandi Parties.  


"Tickle My Tush is the latest in our line of tongue-in-cheek guides," said Dr. Sadie. It combines the fun, safety and instruction that the judges of the Independent Publisher Book Awards find so remarkable.  The book is the fifth Tickle Kitty book in a row to take home the coveted IPPY Award.  Tickle Kitty books are included in every hostess' start up kit, to help them master the toys and techniques that will be vital to their success.  


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