Dr. Sadie Allison Captivates Audience with her TEDx Talk on “Fearless Giving”

October 16, 2013

SAN FRANCISCO — Dr. Sadie Allison delivered a TEDx speech entitled “Fearless Giving: Turning Sexual Passion into Action” at this year’s sold-out GoldenGatePark Passion Project.


In her talk, now available on YouTube, Allison discusses the personal path she tread — fraught with opposition — to become a fearless giver. Her powerful and inspirational speech took audience members on an emotional journey, where she shared her original concept for changing the world through fearless giving. 


Nicknamed “Little Dr. Ruth” in high school for her reputation as a sex savvy advisor to her friends, Allison embarked early on her journey to become a professional pleasure educator.

“I shared my vast sexual knowledge and I saw lives change. And that’s all it took: passionate fearless giving and empowering others to embrace their sexuality became my lifelong passion,” Sadie says in her speech, after describing how she helped her friend Amy achieve her first orgasm by demystifying the clitoris.


She singles out scientist Marie Curie and pop icon Madonna as other fearless givers who overcame severe opposition, ultimately to give their important, respective gifts. 


“The time to give is not tomorrow, when we feel we’ve healed all the wounds in our hearts or that we’re the best versions of ourselves,” she concludes her speech. “The time to give is now, when we are our beautifully fearless, imperfect, vulnerable, generous selves.” 


The audience was clearly captivated, both by Dr. Allison’s speech and by her warm and friendly persona. One TEDx-goer said, “I really resonated with Dr. Sadie’s talk. I realize now that I must follow my passion wholeheartedly, and my fearless gift has been sitting right under my nose!”


The TEDx Golden Gate Park event on Oct. 9 featured twelve speakers dedicated to innovative ideas in science, sports, business, spirituality and academia — and, in the case of Allison, sex. 


Now Allison enjoys national prestige as a San Francisco-based entrepreneur, helming her publishing company Tickle Kitty. Dr. Sadie has authored six award-winning sex-help books and has sold 2 million copies to date, including bestsellers Tickle His Pickle and Ride ‘Em Cowgirl!. She’s also formulated a popular water-based, body-safe personal glide, Slippery Kitty. And you will never be short of pleasure ideas when you explore her Tickle Kitty Boutique.


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