Womanizer STARLET

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Got a minute for an orgasm?

A big, beautiful, breathtaking orgasm … in around 60 sexy seconds?

Then come discover how a gentle swoosh of airalong with a stimulating clitoral hummmmmmwill lift you to orgasms on a wave of ecstasy.

Simply alight Starlet’s soft silicone lip onto your clitoris, and be lifted ever so slightly on a gentle cushion of air. Blend in mild vibration at the tempo of your liking, and feel a rush of arousal sprint you to orgasm like never before.

Smaller and easier to hold, the starlet is our travel-size version of the Womanizer Deluxe. It may be smaller in size but not in ability. This is a spectacular gift to give yourself to help you tune out the day’s stress, or to experience an orgasm for the first time, or, quite frankly, if you simply love loving yourself.

The new Womanizer Starlet treats your clitoris so wonderfully, over 50% of the women in our test group orgasmed in less than 60 seconds!

Now, come treat yourself to a heart-racing orgasmic joyride. The minute you want it.

  • Patented Pleasure Air Technology stimulates orgasms in about 60 seconds
  • Combines gentle suction with mild vibration for a wild ride
  • A single button lets you scroll through 6 vibration levels, gentle to deep
  • Splash-proof design for use around water
  • Easily rechargeable via USB cord (included)
  • Silicone cap is removable for easy cleaning
  • 60 minutes of playtime with each 3-hour charge
  • 3” long x 1.7” diameter scarlet scarlett scarlit

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