TRYST - Multi-Erogenous Zone Couples Vibrator

Sex Toy of the Month - Cosmopolitan, June 2016.

tryst: 1. a secret meeting between two lovers for sex. 2. a special toy between two lovers for extraordinary sex. 3. a solo toy for women or men fantasizing about extraordinary sex

However you enjoy your Tryst, this versatile U-shaped vibrator is designed to slip in exciting sensations right where you love them (or where you’d least expect them!).

For a couple, place it around his erection for a ball-tingling buzz. Go ahead – there’s no right or wrong way – only your way, so be creative. As you explore, you’ll discover how lovingly it stimulates her clitoris during exquisite deep penetration. And get this: tiny Tryst has three tiny motors – two in the arms, and one in the base – allowing you to set them separately!

See the upturn on those silky silicone tips? Glide the vibrating arms into the vagina, and feel them dance you toward G-spot orgasms. Or touch them to your clitoris and feel waves of orgasmic pleasure come to you. No penis required!

As if you need another reason for a Tryst, you can clasp, caress and stimulate the nipples, nose or navel. There’s no limit to your choices.

Now…are you ready for a Tryst?

  • Three powerful, quiet, independent motors with seven functions – two in the flexible arms, and one in the base
  • 5.4 inches from top to tip
  • Easily rechargeable via USB
  • Silky smooth, hygienic silicone
  • Hypoallergenic and phthalate free
  • Water resistant

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