Tickle Her Kitty Valentine PlayKit + FREE Shipping!

Tickle Her Kitty Valentine Playkit + Two Bonus Gifts + FREE Priority Shipping!

Save $50 on Dr. Sadie’s 8-piece Valentine’s Day Playkit designed for your pleasure—all year long.

Who comes first? That’s up to you two, but getting there just got more exciting. And fun. And affordable! Dr. Sadie personally curated this pleasing playkit of orgasmic delights to spring on your lover—who’ll then spring them right back on you! One question: What are you waiting for?

Kitty Tickler #1: Rose Clit Lover. Looks like petals on a rose. Caresses like a tongue on your vulva—with a gentle pull of air suction from the center on your rosebud for a rush-to-arousal that’ll lift you to the intense orgasms. 

Kitty Tickler #2: Mushroom Vulva Pleaser. Spread the joy as you spread the vibrations—whenever and wherever you crave a wider pleasure surface. Just glide the smooth silicone “mushroom” head where you please, and set your choice among 10 vibration speeds to tantalize your vulva and clitoris to a grand pulsating finish.

Kitty Tickler #3: Butterfly Kiss. Invite your G-spot to the party with your clitoris, vulva and those satisfying feelings of fullness. Enjoy the super-soft clitoral butterfly wings pleasure you outside, and the smooth, silicone head satisfies you within. All that’s left is to choose your favorite vibration pattern, and the pleasure’s all yours.

Kitty Tickler #4: Bunny Love Ring for Couples. While this smooth silicone ring is creating a harder, laser-lasting erection, he masterfully aims the fluttering rabbit ears already in perfect position to tease her awaiting clitoris. Intercourse with a side of buzzy sensations, and mutual orgasms for dessert. She can now orgasm during intercourse!

Kitty Tickler #5: Creative Kisses Cards. Light the candles. Pour the wine. Now draw a card. Each one is designed to up your kissing game with arousals like you’ve never even imagined. How do we know? Have you tried all 101 erotic ways to bring your lips together?

Kitty Tickler #6: GoLove Hemp-Infused Intimate Serum. Your chance to try this convenient single-use sampler to see how hemp-enriched therapeutic serum can change your love life.


BONUS Tickler #1: Dr. Sadie’s own “Mystery of the Undercover Clitoris” book. Inside this illustrated book, you'll discover the most thrilling ways to arouse the clitoris – just the way your lover desires – proudly freeing the most exquisite orgasms they've EVER experienced. 

BONUS Tickler #2: Slippery Kitty Lube, the long-lasting, pleasure-awakening, glide-enhancing, water-based lubricant that everyone raves about—once they catch their breath! (Hurry. Supplies are limited. We may substitute another high-quality water-based lube.) 2 oz bottle.


*This item does not qualify for further discounts.