Dr. Sadie's Orgasm Book Kit

Get all six books together and you save 20%! Inside this orgasmic book bundle you'll get all of Dr. Sadie's bestsellling, award-winning sex-help books:

The Mystery Of The Undercover Clitoris—Solve mankind's greatest mystery: How to find, touch and please the female hot button!

Tickle My Tush—Discover exciting new passions with the world's most accessible how-to analplay guide.

Ride 'Em Cowgirl!—Supercharge orgasms with the strokes, squeezes and sensations your lover wants but isn't telling you.

Tickle His Pickle—Find more than 50 seductive hand-oral love techniques to keep him pleased.

Tickle Your Fancy—The award-winning guide to female self-pleasure, with insider tips for inquisitive guys!

Toygasms!—The award-winning sex toy bible filled with the world's best give-and-get toying techniques.

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