Crystal Chain Nipple Clamps

Push sensation play to the next level with the Crystal Chain Nipple Clamps. Not only will they tease n’ please your nipples, but they add a beautifully erotic visual element to your sexy routine.

Explore elevated sensations with the 2 fully adjustable nipple clamps, and a teasing chain with luxurious sparkling crystals. For nippleplay beginners and pros alike, these silicone-covered clamps are easily adjustable to your perfect tightness. Simply turn the dial on each clamp, and enjoy the thrilling balance of pain and pleasure.

With the teasing clamp stimulation that increases blood circulation once released, you can look forward to amplifying nipple sensitivity and intensified overall arousal, all in a beautiful jewel-like decorative piece.

  • Soft-yet-tight, fully adjustable nipple clamps
  • Connected with a beautiful decorative crystal chain
  • Comfortable for most nipple sizes
  • The perfect length for your partner to deliciously tease and tug
  • Crafted from nickel-free iron, silicone, and silica crystals
  • Non-piercing
  • 2.25" long clamps, 12” chain