Blingy Butt Plug Trio

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Are you ready to take the analplay plungebut want to work your way toward full anal bliss?

Start here. The Blingy Butt Plug Trio is designed to introduce you to these extraordinary pleasures, so they’re comfortable, safe, fun and, of course, orgasmically intensifying. 

This series of three smooth, tapered buttplugs lets you start small, then move up at your own comfort level and pace.

Glide-up the small one, and gently touch it to your eagerly awaiting anus. A gentle push slips it inside, for a glimmer of all the erotic pressure sensations to come. Simply leave it in place, and set out on your orgasmic adventure. No worriesthe wide, rainbow, heart-shaped gem base willnever slip inside youand also makes it easy to remove and ever so fashionable.

Excited? Move up to the medium size plug, and experience the sensations of a wider diameter. Jazzed? Now try the largest one3 times as long and nearlydouble the width of the first!

Congratulations! You’ve left your analplay novice behind!

  • Rainbow faux gemstone in base as eye-candy for your lover
  • Set comes with 3 sizes of buttplugs to experiment: S, M, L
  • Tapered for comfortable insertion, flared for easy withdrawal
  • Body-safe satin-smooth silicone, black
  • Phthalate-, paraffin-, latex-and fragrance-free
  • 3”, 3.25” and 3.75” length x 1”, 1.4” and 1.75” width