His and Hers Premium Pleasure Air Climax Kit + FREE Shipping!

‘His and Hers Premium Pleasure Air Climax Kit’ + FREE Shipping!

Can orgasms feel even more intense? More satisfying? More complete?

The answer for both of you? Yes. Yes. Yes.

Him: Can a guy have a clitoral orgasm? With the Arcwave Ion, he can have as many as he wants! Try this: Slide the head of his penis into the Arcwave’s stimulation chamber. Feel a rush of air waves gently pulse the frenulum—his orgasm trigger under the tip. The nerve endings here—and those of a clitoris—are exactly the same. And when streams of focused air pulsations excite this spot, out come intense clitoral orgasms. NOW he understands why women love to moan!

Her: Can any woman actually orgasm in 60 seconds? When she plays with the Womanizer Premium, it’s like taking a bullet train to pleasure. Try this: Hover the toy’s soft inviting mouth close to your clitoris. Sense a delicate shaft of suction encircle, then lift, then vibrate your entire clitoris—without ever touching it. Feel your body whoosh to the most magnificent orgasms ever—perhaps in under a minute! Ready to ride again?

You Both: Two special sex lubricants to splash on all your toys:

  • Slippery Kitty Au Naturel heightens all your pleasure centers. Dr. Sadie’s special body-safe formula stays slippery as long as you need it to be.
  • GoLove Lubricant with 200mg organic hemp extract soothes your glide and eases your ride. Formulated especially for women who experience discomfort or anxiety during sex, the body-safe hemp lube relieves unwanted dryness and creates a full-body calm. Bravo!

Special Note: Many report experiencing more intense and unique orgasms with the Arcwave Ion. If frenulum pleasure stimulation is new to you, it's recommended that you experiment a few times to achieve optimum results. Enjoy!

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