Prostate Training PlayKit

Super-strong prostate orgasms are on your bucket list, right? Then here’s a fun way to explore probing for what you like (and what you can leave behind!).

Once you find your true prostate pleasures, your lover can treat you to wild new He-spot orgasms just the way you like ‘em – or simply take matters into your own hands.

Now: Which fit and sensation will rock your world: 

  • Thin Starter Probe. Glide this gently curved silicone probe slowly inside and toward your belly button. Then let its smooth knobbed head can excite your awaiting He-spot. 
  • Fuller Sensation Probe. For more well-rounded pleasures, upgrade to this 3.5” silicone probe featuring a secure support ring that helps you seat the probe right where you’ll love it.
  • Buzzy 2-Piece Combo Probe. Slip the powerful 2” variable-speed vibrating stimulator through the custom loop of the beaded probe, then send the right amount of buzz heading straight toward your He-spot. Coming and going, the “speed-bumps” on all 4.75” of sleek silicone feel wickedly fun, and when it finds its target, sensationally orgasmic!

All toys in this PlayKit are designed for easy insertion, never-get-lost-inside withdrawal – but not for in-and-out motion. Glide ‘em up, slide ‘em in, and feel the in-place pleasures multiply your excitement. Now you know why prostate orgasms are the pleasures of the gods.

Multi-speed vibrator takes 2 AAA batteries (not included).