Optimum Automatic Smart Penis Pump

You’ve seen penis suction pumps. You’ve seen sensual masturbation sleeves. But have you ever seen them together in one performance-enhancing orgasm machine?

For pumping, total suction helps increase endurance, improves stamina and enlarges your penis through 3 smart step-up enhancement modes. 

For pleasing, the sensual sleeve and tight-nubbed chamber create waves of frenzied stroking pleasurewithin the pump or hand-held on its own!

At the touch of a button, surround yourself with automatic rising suction created by a perfect seal. Use the instant quick air-release button to reverse the suction at any time. You’ll even find incremental measure-marks right on the chamber, so you can track the daily progress of your enlargement.

For pleasure. Endurance. Stamina. Growth. How smart is that?!

  • Save and get it in the Pump Up the Love – Couple's Suction Kit
  • Combo smart penis pump + sensual masturbation sleeve
  • 3 smart modes for endurance, stamina, size
  • Easy-touch controls, including quick air release, for custom pumping
  • Thick, nubbed chamber for stroking pleasure, even without the pump!
  • Seals completely for powerful suction
  • Recharges in 90 minutes using USB (cord included)
  • Made of premium bodysafe TPR. Unscented and phthalate-free
  • Easy to clean, maintenance-free sleeve
  • Cylinder: 8” x 2.5”, Sleeve: 5.25” x 3”

optimum stroker