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Womanizer Premium—With FREE Bonus Gift + FREE Shipping!

Womanizer Premium—With FREE Bonus Gift + FREE Shipping!

Expert Womanizer Review:
Yes, This Toy Can Make You Orgasm in Less Than 60 Seconds

  • 60-second orgasm air-suction technology
  • Autopilot feature vibrates random pleasure patterns and intensities
  • Smart silence for extra privacy

What if the sexiest clitoral touch is no touch at all.

Unimaginable? Then fantasize the excitement you’ll feel from a gentle wave of pure vibrating air circling all around your clitorisfollowed by plenty of come-out-of-nowhere screaming orgasms.

This masterpiece of design actually turns itself on the moment you bring its soft, round, silicone mouth to your clitoris. You’ll instantly feel a delicate shaft of suction surround you, embracing…lifting…vibrating your clitoris at any hummmm you desire, from mild to wild. Without a touch!

Or take the Autopilot dare, and be dazzled by the pleasure patterns and varying intensities your toy selects just for you. You'll experience orgasms in a surprising new way, every time.

This newly minted Womanizer Premium treats your clitoris so wonderfully, over 50% of the women in our test group orgasmed in less than 60 seconds! Now that's pure clitoral bliss.

  • Patented Pleasure Air Technology stimulates orgasms in about 60 seconds
  • Combines gentle suction with mild vibration for a wild ride
  • New autopilot feature chooses random pleasure patterns and intensities
  • Smart silence for whisper-quiet vibrations
  • Pressure sensitive with vibrations that start upon contact
  • Click through 12 unique vibration settings
  • 100% silicone and waterproof for shower and bathtime fun
  • Includes sensual silk storage bag
  • Easily rechargeable via USB cord (included)
  • Removable silicone cap for easy cleaning
  • 6.5” length x 2" width

FREE BONUS GIFT: For the same price as the Womanizer Premium by itself, Tickle Kitty is pleased to offer this limited-time special:

  • A bottle of Au Natural Slippery Kitty Glide, 2 oz.
  • A classic bullet vibrator
  • FREE Shipping!

Total gift value of $42 — yours free with the most exciting toy for women ever invented. Don't want free gifts? Buy the Womanizer Premium separately here

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Voted #1by the Tickle Kitty toy testers.

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