Pump Up the Love – Couple's Suction Kit

Pump Up the Love with this kinky kit for couples!

We are going to let you in on a little secret…pumping it up leads to some of the hottest sex of your life. People say, after using a vulva pump or penis pump, even the slightest touch is intense, you can orgasm faster…and oral sex hits an all-time new level of pleasure.

What does a pump do?
They are kind of like an oral sex robot. Pumps create a suction that pulls blood into sensitive areas, which awakens the nerve endings, and dramatically increases sensation. They make your bits bigger, hotter, more accessible and feel crazy good.

For women, an enlarged clitoris becomes more exposed and easier to access during foreplay and penetration, so orgasms are intense and happen quicker!

For men, the sucking sensation is a huge turn-on and leaves their penis with a hard, enlarged erection. Over time, with ongoing use, it might even make his penis a bit larger permanently.

This kit includes our two best-selling pumps for men and women, plus the water-based glide you’ll need to create a good air seal, and increase personal comfort.

  • The Optimum Automatic Smart Penis Pump. The ultimate pump for guys; it’s part suction pump, and part masturbation stroker-extraordinaire. It increases endurance, improves stamina, enlarges your penis and gets you off, all by the push of a button.
  • The Automatic Pussy Pump. With this gentle, full-coverage vulva and clitoral suction toy she can choose her magic combination between 3 speeds of suction, and 7 vibrational modes to bring her body to breathtaking bliss! Color may vary.
  • Slippery Kitty Glide - Au Naturel (2oz). Applying glide to the area you are pumping up gives it a better seal, improves suction, and increases comfort. Plus, you’ll definitely want it around when all this pumping leads to hot sesh of sex!

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