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Couple's HotTush Pleasure Kit

Excite your body AND save 10% with this erotically unique HotTush Pleasure Kit. It includes 3 sexy items designed especially to maximize your pleasure—as well as Dr. Sadie's bestselling Tickle My Tush book to guide the way:

Tickle My Tush. With tons of illustrations to guide you, this savvy little paperback not only shows you how to explore analplay safely, pleasurably and comfortably, it'll drive you wild with anticipation! Read it together, see what inspires your desires, then start playing with your new toys—and each other. The best is yet to come!

The Little Zinger. Who'da thought that such a small jelly toy could deliver such big sensual thrills? A tempting sensation on its own, or a warmer-upper for joys to come, The Little Zinger's clever design keeps this pleasurizer always within reach, sending tremors of delight rippling through your body. Not an in-and-out toy, it's a leave-it-in exciter that frees your imagination for even more pleasure expeditions across your lover's body.

Orgasmic Bullet Vibrator. Send anal playtime into overdrive as you nestle this sensual buzz onto her awaiting clitoris! The variable vibrations that you control, powered by 2 AA batteries, will balance-out the lusty fullness she feels around back! Next time, touch these vibrations along the length of his penis, as you gently slip The Little Zinger into his pulsating anus.

Slippery Kitty Glide—Au Naturel. What's buttplay with the right pleasure glide? Sensual. Moisturizing. Powerful. Safe. This silky smooth, long-lasting, water-based glide is a luxury treat for your skin. A 2 ounce bottle is included inside this kit!