nJoy Pure Plug

Can you guess why buttplug devotees rarely go back to their old favorites after a single play with the chic Pure Plug?

The sleek shape? Partly.

The elegant look? Sure.

The stainless steel? Getting warmer.

The answer is weight. Unlike light-as-air silicone plugs, the heaviness of the solid stainless steel adds an unrealized erotic dimension to buttplug enjoyment.

Delightfully unyielding upon insertion and removal, the toy’s heaviness never lets you forget why you love plugs. The tapered finger-pull easy-grip handle allows you to place, seat and remove the Pure Plug with an easy pleasure-glide. And it quickly rises to your exact body temperature (a hot 98.6 degrees, naturally!).

Wear it during sex for even more of a thrill ride (gentle or rough), or wear it comfortably for extended jaunts around town, to work, or on vacation (but not at the airport!!) – the design will let you move freely and sit comfortably. It’ll even strengthen your PC muscle and delight the prostate, just by wearing it!

Come enjoy the weighty tug of a Pure Plug: Gravity never felt so good! 

  • 100% easy-clean, body safe stainless steel
  • Discreet yet classy carrying box
  • Weighty, for more sensation and a feeling of fullness
  • 2.25" insertable length, 1" diameter