Dr. Sadie talks about water play in Cosmo for Latinas

June 01, 2014

It's an intimidating idea, but if you let your sense of adventure take over it will be one of the most erotic experiences of your life. In fact, taking the fiesta into the water is an easy upgrade with huge rewards. It can be quite fun because you are acting as a team." says Dr. Sadie Allison, author of "The Mystery of the Undercover Clitoris-- Orgasmic Fingertip Touching Every Woman Craves"You have to consider so many elements for safety and pleasure when in water, and that in it self can strengthen any bond. It only takes a little variation just like this to re-spark the flames and experience an entirely new way to make love." Take a look at our guide to getting it on in these aqua-centric places. 

Playful in the Pool

To make the moment movie-worthy, follow these two rules: First, save this skinny-dipping adventure for nighttime to ensure privacy. Second, get creative with foreplay. Try the sexy game of Marco Polo,where he closes his eyes and tries to find you without the use of vision. What happens once you are caught is up to you.

Perfect Position: Hold onto the edge of the pool with both hands.When he comes from behind, wrap your legs around him.

Proceed With Caution: Chlorine may kill germs, but it can also affect your pH balance, and do a number on your lady parts. "If you are particularly sensitive to bacterial infections and other irritations, play it safe and hold off on penetrative play in the pool," warns Dr. Allison. "Enjoy lots of outer play, touching, and caressing instead."

Steamy & Stimulating

This is one shower that has nothing to do with getting clean. Start by lathering each other up, and let your hands slide down to manually stimulate each other. Aim the stream of hot water at his back for an extra spine-tingling effect (and to avoid getting water up your nose).

Perfect Position: It's a good ol' standing position with a few slight alterations. Place your palms against the wall with your butt slightly poking out (think of a boomerang shape). Have him stand behind you with bent knees. You can push against the wall to thrust backward. Bonus: It's the perfect position for hitting the G-spot.

Proceed With Caution: Be careful of the tub's slick surface, especially as your movements become more passionate and vigorous. 

Hot Tub Titillation

Those sizzling hot water jets are enough to get anyone revved up. As the heat relaxes your muscles, up the enjoyment by giving each other neck, shoulder, or foot massages.

Perfect Position: With your back facing the wall, lean back into the water, holding the edges with your hands, and keeping your head above water. He should stand between your legs, helping to support you and keep your body in place. Then...let the lovemaking begin! Just be careful if he gets carried away, your hands could slip off, and your head will go under water!

Proceed With Caution: With Jacuzzi sex, think safety first. get really hot-even before the bumping and grinding.Drink plenty of water beforehand, and avoid heat exhaustion by making it a toe-curling, 10-minute quickie.

Let the Games Begin

Tempting Toys: It's always fun to add some sexy accessories. A great option for couples is the Tongue Lover, a waterproof, wireless, vibrating penis ring. "Not only does it provide pleasure for both of you, it doesn't require any hand-holding, so you can be inconspicuous, says Dr. Allison. "Also, it's a very orgasmic toy for her, so if you want a better chance of climaxing at the same time during lovemaking this is your best bet. Interested in good, old-fashioned penetration with no vibration? Get a suction cup dildo for use in a harness or a shower.

Protective Gear: Guess what? Condoms work in water too! "However, extra glide can be very helpful to make sure that you can comfortably continue lovemaking," advises Dr. Allison. "Keep in mind your natural wetness won't last long when in water, so using glide is usually a good idea". Regularly check that the condom is in place because it can slip off easier while in water.