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Weighted Nipple Grips

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Squeezing! Tugging!! Exciting!!!

If you’re one of the lucky ones with stimulate-able nipples, you deserve these weighted, shimmering gemstones. And the tweezer-style design is perfect for dialing-in those nipple sensations you love.

Not too little. Not over the top.

Just perfect for tugging and swaying as you tug and sway your partner.

Or your favorite playtoy.

  • Weighted tweezer-style nipple clamps
  • Sliding rings lets you adjust clamps to your pleasure
  • Move ring up or down to customize your experience
  • Weighted gems look sexy on your nipples
  • Each gem weighs a just-right 23.5 grams
  • Soft padded tips, non-piercing design
  • Non-tarnishing, nickel-free metal, iron and PVC
  • 1.75” clamp/4.5” overall length