Trio Triple-Vibe Remote-Control Plug

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Expert Trio Luxury Plug Review:
This Toy Will Make You Beg for Butt Play

Whether you’re across the bed – or across the bar – you can now send secret erotic messages directly into your lover’s beautifully receptive bottom, without a cord in sight.

Not just anal sensations – but an unheard-of number of internal vibrations and patterns that you control from a discreet hide-in-your-palm remote that’ll send your lover’s eyes bugging out with every exciting touch of the button.

The Trio contains an unheard-of three(!) tiny motors that send complex pleasure patterns running up and down the toy’s entire 5-inch length – which means 5 deep inches of erotic anal stimulation inside your lover. 

In the bedroom, you’ll race to make mad love the moment you discover your lover’s anal vibration wavelength. In a bar, you’ll each feel a sudden desire to dash back home or to the nearest hotel. Won’t your Uber driver be amused! 

And because it’s shaped like a slim, easy-to-insert buttplug, with the never-disappear-inside-you safety stopper at the other end, the Trio can be worn discreetly and comfortably for hours until showtime.

Who’ll wear it next? 

  • Full 30-foot wireless range
  • Luxurious, nonporous hypoallergenic premium silicone
  • Unique triple-motor action for sensation at tip, stem and body of plug
  • 8 different vibrations and 9 patterns
  • Perfect for the adventurous new to analplay
  • Shower friendly and splashproof
  • Travel lock secure
  • Storage case included
  • USB magnetic charger – no batteries required
  • 5.3" length, 5" insertable, 1.25" diameter

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