My Secret Screaming O Panty Vibe Set




Two “secret” strangers lock eyes across a crowded room. She bites her lip. He grins. She squirms. His grins widens. She signals “let’s get outta here.” His grin vanishes – his fingers trembling as he taps frantically for an Uber. What’s going on?


SHE’S wearing lacy pink panties with a powerful vibrator nestled discretely onto her sweet spot. HE’S holding a clever wireless remote disguised as an ordinary finger ring. THEY are toying in the art of public pleasure – using the most titillating hidden device YOU have ever seen!


The Secret Screaming O will give you and your lover plenty of daring out-on-the-town scenarios for erotic public playtime: in the classroom, at work, on the train, in a dressing room, even during Thanksgiving dinner! Your choices are limited only by your imagination…and your nerve.


Best yet, the remote control isn’t merely an on/off switch. It offers 10 fiendishly pleasing vibration settings – so when one becomes too mild, just raise the intensity on your secret ring till there’s blush in her cheeks. Then raise it again till her eyes roll back. And you still have half a dozen settings to go! Date nights will never again be tame – or sane!


  • 10-function bullet fits comfortably into lace panty (included)
  • Remote control disguised as an ordinary finger ring
  • Works from up to 50 feet away
  • Stretchy side-tie panty will fit up to 60-inch waists
  • Batteries can be changed on both the ring and bullet

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