Vibrating MustachiO

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Now you can one-up the famous “mustache ride” with a MustachiO ride that VIBRATES!

Put your imagination to play with the Screaming O MustachiO FUNstache. The fancy strap holds the vibrating “lipholstery” securely under your nose, no matter how much lip-smacking fun you enjoy. The single-speed vibe turns on with a touch (and so will your lover!) as you giggle, come, then laugh out loud.

Made without any latex, phthalates and hair(!), this 100 percent premium silicone wire-free toy is guaranteed to bring out the Snidely Whiplash in you. You’ll enjoy over 30 minutes of vibrating pleasure from one MustachiO battery. Now here’s an idea: Let HER wear it!

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