I.O.U. Hot Sex Foreplay Game

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Whether you want to spice things up, or you just want to condition your husband into doing more chores, I.O.U. Hot Sex is the perfect card game for couples.

Experience the thrill of sharing a naughty little card for your partner to graciously receive. Or being the lucky recipient to your lover’s hand-picked desire, with all the burning hot instructions within. I.O.U cards make it easy to introduce some new fun into the bedroom that you may have been too shy or embarrassed to ask for. And every one is perforated so no one knows what's behind the fold. Some steamy hot sex card examples:

"25 minutes of oral kisses"
"Get naked and slip & slide with lube..."
"Sex with your clothes on"
"Blindfold me and have your way"

For best results, may we recommend dealing out the entire deck between the two of you, and over the coming months, enjoying the pleasure-packed fun intended from each and every one of these highly erotic cards? 

Includes a passion building deck of 42 I.O.U. secret seductive temptation cards (perforated).

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