Dynamo Delay Spray

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The hair-trigger. No one’s fault. Yet for some guys, a fact of life. But you don’t want a shoulder. You want a solution. That’s the beauty of Delay Spray, and here’s how it works: Just spritz a little on your penis before sex, and its safe, effective lidocaine formula will reduce over-excitement, which then increases stamina and endurance. In other words, prolonged pleasure for you both – and a blissfully delayed ejaculation. If you’ve tried everything else, and you still crave longer, more satisfying intercourse, try this.

Contains USP 13% lidocaine numbing solution, about 10 mg per spray. Use between three and ten sprays on the head and shaft of the penis. Wash off after intercourse. The formula is fast-acting, non-irritating, clinically tested, and safe for both of you. Compliant with all Food and Drug Administration standards, and made in the USA.

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