blueMotion Nex|2 - Luxury Remote Control G-spot Massager




It's time to put your other Woodies away, because this new, high-tech toy is the Buzz-ZZ-zz Lightyear of sex toys. 

The OhMibod blueMotion vibrator is very well designed, and jam-packed with amazing features. Our writers had trouble putting it down to write this up because they were having too much fun playing with it!

The Nex|2 can be controlled by your smartphone (supported by iOS and android), using a brilliant free app which allows you to bring sexy times to yourself and/or your lover like never -- and wherever! -- before. 

The app comes with pre-set vibration patterns, or you can customize and save your own. Because let's face it, no one knows that gorgeous body of yours like you do.

There are 5 customizable vibration modes, of which include voice, rhythm, wave, touch and tap.

Rhythm: gives you access to a variety of preset vibration patterns designed lovingly by the sex-tech wizards at OhMiBod, with the promise of periodic updates.

Voice: which listens to the ambience, sound of your voice, music and maybe even moans of pleasure, and transforms this audio into your very own vibration patterns.

Wave: allows you to adjust your vibration speed by simply waving your phone back and forth, to and fro, and off you go!

Touch: just as straightforward as it sounds. Simply touch your smartphone the way you like it, and the vibe will grant you your wishes.

Tap: this gives you 5 minutes to orchestrate a finger tapping work of art, which is saved to your device, to use again and again.

The app also includes an Oh-Dometer, which gives you the cheeky ability to track your orgasms, set orgasm goals and share this data with your sexy friends and fans.

The vibrator itself, is ergonomically designed to caress your G-spot, and then make it feel really, really good, with it's powerful, yet silent motor. It’s splash proof, comes with a USB rechargeable battery and cable, has 30 ft of wireless range, with 7 built-in manual vibration patterns and includes a 1 year manufacturer warranty.


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