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Tickle Kitty Mission


How many CEOs can pack the full power of their corporate mission into three irresistible words?


For Dr. Sadie, it’s easy: More Powerful Orgasms.


This arousing human desire is what makes her company Tickle Kitty purr. “We’re here to inspire positive change in peoples’ lives,” observes Dr. Sadie, Tickle Kitty’s Kitty-In-Chief. “We clear to old inhibitions by providing the accurate information they need for more frequent, more intimate, more uninhibited sexual pleasure.”


Discovering the key to greater erotic passion begins not with vibrating toys, but with vibrant knowledge.


That’s Tickle Kitty’s specialty. “We create the sex-help guides you wish you’d read sooner in life,” notes Dr. Sadie, author of bestsellers Tickle Your Fancy, Toygasms!, Tickle His Pickle, Ride ‘Em Cowgirl!, Tickle My Tush and her newest book The Mystery of the Undercover Clitoris—Orgasmic Fingertip Touching Every Woman Craves. “These books are fun, informative and honest, so you can be inspired to explore all the pleasure and fulfillment you deserve.”


“When you relate to a person’s wants and desires with understanding, respect, thorough information, and just the right touch of humor, they get excited, inspired, and most of all, impassioned,” she says. “Finding or reviving your sexuality is the most glorious and natural way to feel better about yourself and your life.”


As the latest in the growing line of Dr. Sadie’s Tickle Kitty products, Slippery Kitty is now reformulated into a responsible water-based, paraben-free, glycerin-free sexlube that’s just as slippery and long-lasting as ever. “The more we learn about feminine safety, the faster we respond,” says Dr. Sadie. Slippery Kitty comes in two varieties—Au Naturel and Strawberry—and is available in a 2 ounce ‘try me’ size, and an 8 ounce ‘love-me-long-time’ bottle.


What’s next? “Everyone deserves more pleasure, and I’m happy to provide it,” says Dr. Sadie, who always has new sex-help books in development. “I guess I’ll never be satisfied till everyone else is satisfied!”