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Don’t be at a loss for words—Dr. Sadie’s got you covered!

Just copy, paste, sext—and take all the credit
for the frenzy of sexual anticipation awaiting you!

Start foreplaying... 

  • I want to get really naughty with you.
  • I’m wet just thinking about you. What will you do when you get here?
  • I can’t wait to play with your _______. 
  • I’ve been a bad, bad girl... and probably deserve a spanking…
  • I want to kiss your...
  • Crotchless panties tonight? Or nothing...?
  • Guess what I’m about to shave for you?
  • You know that ‘spot’ you like? I’m touching it.
  • Tonight’s Password: Pheromoans!
  • I’m about to slip into a bubble bath. I’ll be thinking of you as I touch myself.
  • The door’s unlocked. I’m in bed. Come inside…
  • I want you—NOW!
  • Pick up C batteries. I’ve got a new toy…
  • There’s a blindfold on the pillow. Slip it on and wait.
  • I’m imagining you all over my body.
  • Come over and help me undress.
  • I can’t stop thinking about what you’re going to do to me tonight.
  • I’m dying to please you tonight.
  • I want you in my mouth.
  • Your wish is my command.
  • I’m ready to try anal, baby.
  • I want to be your sex slave.
  • I’m bringing massage oil. What flavor?
  • [Growl] I just grabbed myself thinking of you!
  • I love how you touch my _________. Best I’ve ever had, baby. 
  • A big smile crosses my face when I picture you naked, next to me.
  • Can’t wait to throw you down of the bed, rip off your blouse, and lick and bite your nipples...
  • I’m so ready to get on top of you and let you guide me in.
  • I’m fantasizing about your voluptuous ass in that pretty dress you’ll be wearing tonight... 

  • Can’t wait to wrap my arms around you and smell your sweet skin. 
I’ve got some new naughty things I’m going to do to you tonight.
  • Can’t wait to make out with you later.
  • I want to feel your soft lips against mine, your inner thighs against my cheeks… My only purpose tonight is to be a servant to your body.
  • Thinking about kissing you… Everywhere…
  • I’m going to leave you exhausted tonight, baby. 
  • Can’t wait to see you later, got a sexy little surprise for you! 

  • What shall I wear later? Let’s get creative…
  • Had a really steamy dream about you last night…got me all wet.
  • What do you think about getting it on in a public place?
  • When you get home, let’s watch some porn—seriously.
  • I’m going to give you a 5-star BJ like never before.
  • Really miss you. And super horny! I wish we were together right now.
  • Just had the dirtiest thought about you. Too dirty to text- I’ll tell you about it later.
  • How about we spend all day in bed together?