Weighted Lasso Ring

Your wait is over. Because yourweight is under.

This gently weighted ring tugs your package for maximum hardness followed by record-breaking orgasms. The Weighted Lasso Ring surrounds the base of your penis or balls – or penis AND balls – with stretchy perfection. But it’s the tiny 4-ounce weight hanging below that brings you all the glory.

The ring’s self-cinching design not only feels comfortable, it’s easy to slide on and never gets tangled. It traps the blood that makes you hard – then keeps you hard. But the best part is how its-q-u-e-e-z-e-s your orgasm through its perfectly constricted tightness, making it more explosive than ever before. 

How can such a simple design feel so extraordinarily good? Try one on and find out!

  • Tightened ring retains extra blood in your penis for steely-hard, longer-lasting erections
  • Self-cinching, one size adjusts to all
  • Made of black hygienic high-quality silicone
  • Body safe, unscented, phthalate-free
  • Not water resistant – use only on dry land
  • Just-right 4-ounce weight
  • 1.75-inch diameter