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Pump Up the Love – Premium Couple's Suction Kit + FREE Shipping!

‘Pump Up the Love – Premium Couple's Suction Kit’ + FREE Shipping!

Save over $50 on two of the pumpiest toys ever invented!

You’ve just found two toys that don’t suck, because they do suck. Come experience the joy of ‘pull’ designed especially for you and your lover—a thrill that even the most talented mouth can never come close.

For Him: This penis pump does more than feel good: it’s a proven girth-and- length adder that jumpstarts lovemaking to satisfy you both. The LA Pump Deluxe Penis Enlargement Package is easy and safe to use, with a quick- release valve that puts you in command. Easy instructions will get you up and pumping.

For Her: Suction desired is now suction delivered. The Bloom Intimate Body Pump comes with four interchangeable suction cups: two sizes for the vulva, one for the nipples, and one petite cup for your clitoris. Each gently embraces the natural curves of the body, awaiting your touch of the button that activates the suction and vibration for your choice of 49(!) unique sensations. The moment you’re satisfied, just press the air-stop release button and bask in the afterglow.

For You Both: Two different glides to try out:

  • Slippery Kitty Glide - Au Naturel heightens all your pleasure centers. Dr. Sadie’s special body-safe formula stays slippery as long as you need it to be.
  • GoLove Intimate Serum with 200mg of organic hemp extract soothes and moisturizes your delicate skin. Formulated especially for women who want hydration, ease and peace of mind. Bravo!

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