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The Chandelier - NipplePlay Jewelry (non-piercing)

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Expert Chandelier NipplePlay Jewelry Review:
Better Than Lingerie—My Favorite New Nipple Toy

If accessorizing your beautiful nipples is what you want (but piercing them isn’t), then come enjoy the breast of both worlds.

The Chandelier gives you the gorgeous appearance you’re looking for, without the commitment or discomfort of piercing. Or, try it on as a dress rehearsal to see if a pierced look really is for you.

Just tighten these bejeweled loops around each nipple – a perky thrill in itself – cinching them till they feel exquisitely tight. Your crystal jewels will now shimmer and sway, creating a tantalizing erotic display in front of your lover’s aroused face – or FaceTime!

  • Soft-yet-tight non-piercing cinch design
  • Comfortable for most nipple sizes
  • Chain and weights will never tarnish
  • The perfect length for your partner to deliciously tease and tug
  • Sensitive-skin friendly – nickel-free
  • Non-piercing
  • Cinches: 2.5" diameter