NipplePlay Suckers!

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Are you gifted with nipples that seek out pleasure and passion? Then love them back with these luxuriously smooth arousers made just for them!

Place one of the ultra-wide suction cups on an awaiting nipple, and press slightly as you simultaneously squeeze the suction bulb, drawing your sensitive nipple inside the smooth silicone chamber.What’s that? It’s your other nipple crying out for love! Now start playing. Squeeze some more. Twist ‘em a bit. Pull. Feel your entire body shudder with delight. Squeeze even more – your nipples’ll tell you how much suction they love.

Wait! Did you hear that? It’s your nipples thanking you.

  • Suction playthings increases nipple sensitivity
  • Pack includes two premium silicone suckers
  • Body safe, phthalate-free, unscented
  • Easy packing for travel
  • 2 inches x 2.75 inches each

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