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Master Class Masturbation Kit

Save $21 on two of the smartest toys ever invented!

When you two can’t be together, now you can still ‘make love’ when you’re apart.

For Him: Send focused vibrations right where you love them! Grip the vibrating Masterwand stroker like a handlebar, slip your penis inside, and let ‘er roar. Feel the open-sleeve design buzz each pleasure part of your penis with the intensity that gets you going. Then rev it up to the precise speed that gets you off.

For Her: For flutter right where you love it, hold the French Kiss Sweet Talker so its soft vibrating tongue alights on your clitoris. Such talent! Now press the sensually contoured mouth onto your labia while increasing the flutter of the tongue along the clitoris. Come as you are!

For You Both: Two special sex lubricants to try with your new toys:

  • Slippery Kitty Au Naturel heightens all your pleasure centers. Dr. Sadie’s special body-safe formula stays slippery as long as you need it to be.
  • GoLove Lubricant with 200mg organic hemp extract soothes your glide and eases your ride. Formulated especially for women who experience discomfort or anxiety during sex, the body-safe CBD relieves unwanted dryness and creates a full-body calm. Bravo!

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